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What is your insurer’s current stance on your unoccupied premises?

As the Covid-19 situation develops and more businesses start to work from home, it is essential you are aware of the policy conditions that come into play when leaving your premises unoccupied for a number of days. Insurers are trying to help business by reducing the conditions applied and extending the number of days where it is mandatory to report that the premises are unoccupied. But do you know what yours is saying?

Aviva, NIG, Hiscox and Folgate insurance have all extended the notice period to insurers of unoccupancy to 90 days as opposed to 30 days. Other insurers such as RSA, AXA and Ansvar are still requesting notification but are relaxing the conditions applicable when a property is unoccupied where it is not reasonable or safe to manage. Most insurers, as long as they are informed, are adapting their stance on a case by case basis as to what is reasonable for you and your business.

Despite insurers relaxing their position, there are still conditions that may apply to your premises whilst unoccupied such as:

  • All security such as alarms and CCTV must be activated
  • Regular visits to the premises (where safe and reasonably possible) to make sure the property is secure must be undertaken
  • Mains water to be switched off

If you are unsure of the conditions on your policy, believe you are unable to comply with certain ones or if you don’t know your insurers current stance, please do get in touch with your broker/insurance contact so your insurers can be informed and your cover remains in place throughout this difficult time.

By Rachel Storey Dip CII- Account Executive

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