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Social Media – Don’t Get Caught Out!

Social Media is a great tool in enabling businesses to get their message out to potential customers virtually free of charge. The opportunities it can provide are invaluable, but its use can backfire if you do not have some guidelines and safeguards in place.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the pitfalls and get the very best out of social media:

  • Ensure your business has a clear vision of how social media will be used and what you want to achieve
  • Train your managers, contributors and other staff and have some clear guidelines in place
  • Set up accounts for your business and your employees. Ensure these are distinct from employees own personal accounts and that you have access to these business accounts
  • Spell out what is acceptable and unacceptable use by introducing a clear policy. The consequences of misuse should be incorporated in your disciplinary procedure/code of conduct
  • Think of what’s published in social media in the same way as you would marketing material and other publications
  • If you plan to view the social media profiles of prospective employees, decide in advance what may be relevant and document this as part of your process.  Take care that you are not contravening any discrimination legislation in selecting based on any information you may uncover.

If you need any help or advice in this area please contact the ProAktive Employment Team on 01302 341344.


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