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R U Getting The Message?

Since the law came into force in 2003, more than one million drivers have been convicted of using a hand-held mobile phone behind the wheel. Its effects are ranked more dangerously than being drunk or under the influence of cannabis. So it comes as no surprise that the government is looking to increase the fixed penalty fee from £60 to £90 along with a hefty three penalty points.

Crack downs have been reported in local news in Northampton, Durham and Doncaster within the last couple of weeks. This included HGV drivers, some of whom were caught not wearing a seat belt, speeding and even drink driving during the same campaign.

As an employer whose employees may drive for business or haulage use it’s obviously in your best interest to be aware of the latest road safety laws and guidelines and to make sure your drivers are too!

Basic driver safety training and checks are available to ensure that your drivers understand what is and isn’t acceptable. ProAktive can help you to ensure that your reputation stays high and your premium stays low.

By Jane Davis

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