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12 Days of Christmas – 2021

Christmas is coming and we are all hoping it’s a far better one than last year. With families to visit, parties to attend and some much needed time off to be taken, let’s not miss a trick when  it comes to protecting our business over the Christmas period. It is easily done and so after a manic 12 months., here are tips to consider over this festive period:

12Accidents are pending

Rushing for an early finish or hanging the office lights – accidents are waiting to happen. Make sure your risk assessments are up to date & the right person and equipment is used for the job.

11Pipes are Leaking

If your office has ‘down time’ over the Christmas period let’s ensure we prevent water damage claims from leaking pipes. You need to prevent your pipes from freezing or bursting while your property is closed. Some good advice is to set your thermostat system to a minimum of 12 degrees for the full 24 hours or turn off all water supplies from the mains and drain all standing water.

10Fires Blazing

Did you know Christmas lights cause 40% of tree fires. If you are decorating your office or workshop  always ensure the lights are not touching and are not close to anything that can burn easily – especially your paperwork. Ensure the correct fuses are used, replace any blown bulbs and always ensure portable heaters are not used for too long of a period and check and check again they are turned off before you close!

9Cars are Crashing

With Storm Arwen causing havoc last month along with our typical winter weather, road traffic accidents are extremely high at this time of year. Road traffic accidents are the biggest cause of deaths in the workplace – lets make sure everyone gets home for Christmas. Plan ahead, ensure vehicle checks and services are up to date, be mindful of alcohol impaired drivers and stay calm. Did you know the last Friday before Christmas is known as “frantic Friday” and one of the most dangerous days of the year to be out driving.

8Windscreens Cracking

Cold weather can cause cracks in your windscreen or the smaller chips you currently have may worsen during this period. Remain observant and get any small cracks repaired immediately. For any motor claims do make sure you are equipped for the freezing temperatures. Don’t forget your blanket, shovel and breakdown kit.

7Trees Collapsing 

With the weather being unpredictable during the winter periods, between the heavy snow to the blustery winds, trees can become unstable at the roots. Often the tree is not covered on your insurance, but the damage it has causes will be picked up under your insurance. Check your policy today.

6Thieves are prowling

Be extra vigilant at this time of year. Make sure all tools and equipment are removed from the back of your vans, shop windows and cash removed from premises.

5Freezers Breaking

Christmas time may be your highest peak with stock levels. Would your company survive the Christmas rush if you lost all the fridge and freezer contents? If not, add deterioration of stock to your policy now!

4Costs are Rising

With the chances of a claim being higher over Christmas, have you reviewed your sum insured recently? The cost of labour, tools, materials and stock are rising daily and general index linking may not be enough. If you claimed, do you have the right sum insured declared?

3Seasonal Stocking

If Christmas is your busiest time of the year and you carry more stock than normal – do you have enough cover? Does your policy have seasonal increase included?

2Conditions are Critical

If you have a stillage warranty on your business insurance policy, make sure your stock is raised off the floor on pallets or racking as required.

And a Massive Celebration!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at ProAktive!

By Leah KendallAccount Executive








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