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Why Management Liability cover is more important than ever.

The past 18 months have been a challenge for most businesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic and more recently, supply chain issues have impacted everyone from SMEs through to large corporates.

Business owners have had to navigate their way through being unable to trade for long periods of time, consider customers safety, consider their own and their employees’ safety and making diversifications to find other income streams. These are just some of the many boardroom challenges which businesses face daily.

So, what does the future hold for UK business?  We are still very much amidst the issues of recent times and in the future, there could be rising inflation whilst the economy stays stagnant. Business owners and managers are having to make decisions now that may be questioned later by others having the benefit of hindsight, this will inevitably bring about complaints and claims against the business.

It is now more important than ever to ensure that decision makers take out Management Liability Insurance to give them some protection against these claims.



What cover can be provided?

The main areas of protection fall into the following categories:


Directors and Officers Liability – Claims made against decision makers

Employment Practices Liability – Employment issues

Corporate Liability – Claims made against the business

Fidelity – To insure the company for fraud committed by its employees


Policies can be bought quickly and relatively cheaply, and they offer a wide range of protection for individuals and businesses. So, it is more of a question to ask yourself, “why don’t I have this cover” rather than asking, “do I need it?”


By Sandy Lockwood Cert CIICommercial Account Handler


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