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What is ‘normal’ anyway?

In psychology and psychiatry, normal means average or typical, but we too easily think of it as a synonym for how everyone is supposed to think and feel.

Today marks day 141 of the new ‘normal’ and we all think and feel very differently about the world than we did a few months ago.  In this uncertain world, one thing I am certain of is that no-one would have thought in March that ‘lockdown’ restrictions would still be dictating the way we live our lives in October! With the ever-increasing growth in social media conspiracy theories, the regular news updates and the general chatter amongst friends, families and colleagues, we may be struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Changes can be challenging for any business and at ProAktive we are here to help you embark on this journey and hold your hand through the process – metaphorically speaking, of course. Please keep your distance!

Given businesses are now being encouraged (again) to allow staff to work remotely where possible, here is a summary of the key points you will need to consider to ensure your policies are still protecting your business and you are protecting your staff.


  • Are your premises now unoccupied for periods of time?  If the circumstances have changed surrounding the occupancy of your workplace, whether this is in terms of business hours or previous tenants ceasing to trade, please notify your broker/insurer immediately.


Computer Equipment:

  • Are staff now taking home computers and other office equipment to continue their roles remotely? If equipment is no longer located within the premises, please also notify your broker to ensure your policy is extended to provide ‘All Risk’ cover.


Cyber risk:

  • Are you covered for a cyberattack? Such attacks are on the rise, making it more difficult for businesses to operate safely since many have moved to remote working.


Legal liabilities:

  • Are staff now working alone to comply with social distancing guidelines? With reduced supervision and changes to working procedures, insurers expect to see a rise in manual handling claims.
  • It is important to ensure your staff still appropriately trained and have the correct skills and knowledge to complete the tasks at hand.


If you would like further advice or wish to talk to us about any area of commercial insurance and/or risk management, please contact us on 01302 341 344 or 0114 243 9914.

By Beth Johnson Cert CII – Commercial Account Handler

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