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Update on Green Cards – one less thing to worry about

As part of the outcome of Brexit and the United Kingdom formally leaving the European Union, motor insurance has seen the reintroduction of green cards as a means of proving valid motor insurance is in force for vehicles travelling into the EU, including to the Republic of Ireland. This has therefore added an additional layer of planning and documentation for insureds and insurers to consider and obtain before any travel.

Fortunately matters have recently moved in a positive direction. As of 2nd August 2021, the UK has been readmitted into the Free Circulation Zone, therefore meaning that motor vehicles travelling into the EU and Ireland no longer need a green card to prove insurance is in force and therefore cross into the EU.

As with any new piece of legislation, insurers are aware this may take some time to filter through to the relevant authorities in the EU and become a matter of course. Therefore many insurers are continuing to issue green cards to allow for this development to become standard knowledge throughout the EU.

We would therefore recommend you continue to obtain green cards from your broker as a matter of course until the end of September (when insurers will allow) and allow at least a week for these to be produced. However rest assured, there will soon be a little less red tape to navigate when travelling!

By Sam Harby Dip CIISenior Account Handler

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