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If you’re a business who uses a third party haulier at any point , you’ve probably asked the company if they’re insured to carry your goods for you. The answer is probably ‘yes’. Carriers of goods will usually have a Good’s In Transit or Marine policy to carry your goods.

However what you may not realise is that carriers will have multiple New Picture (1)defences available to them (due to the conditions of carriage they use) in order to bat away a claim, and in addition will more than likely have restricted liability. For example, you send a £500,000 10 tonne piece of machinery through a haulier who carries and insures your goods. They trade under RHA 1998 conditions. This limits their liability to £1300 per tonne. So for your £500,000 piece of kit you’re going to be receiving a grand total of £13,000 in the event that a claim is paid.

The way round this is to insure the goods yourself for the full value but advising your ProAktive team that you’re using a third party to carry the goods. This way you’re going to be paying a reduced premium as the risk is greatly reduced but you’re going to be entitled to the £500,000,and your insurers will recover the £13,000 from the hauliers insurers.

Contact ProAktive if you need advice of a quotation on Goods in Transit or Marine Transit cover on 01302 341344.

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