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Recently we have noticed an increase in requests from the HSE to see the written scheme of examination for pressure systems when carrying out their routine site visits. For example compressors, air receivers, etc.

Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, users and owners of pressure systems are required to demonstrate that they know the safe operating limits (principally pressure and temperature) of their systems and that they are safe under those conditions.

They need to ensure that a suitable written scheme of examination is in place before the system is operated; this is over and above the annual inspection that is undertaken by the competent person. They also need to ensure that the system is actually examined in accordance with the written scheme of examination.

The company that carry out the examination and provide the certification of this usually provide a written scheme of examination. If they did not supply a copy, they should be able to provide it when requested.

Failure to meet these requirements could result in the company falling foul of the FFI (Fee for Intervention) regime that is in operation by the HSE for any breaches of Health and Safety Legislation.

RHheadshotIf your pressure systems are overdue an examination we would recommend that arrangements are made to have this completed as soon as possible given the HSE’s recent interest in this matter. If you require assistance in organising an inspection, ProAktive can assist through the provision of an Engineering Inspection policy which should take care of the above. Please call us on 01302 341344 or 0114 243 9914 and one of our experts will be happy to assist.


By Rachel Hamill , Health & Safety Adviser.


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