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Stack Testing and Emissions Monitoring: Insight from Stella, our ProAktive Environmental Trainee

Hiring the right Environmental Specialists to competently conduct emissions monitoring for your business is crucial in making sure that the job is done correctly, accurately, and with 100% integrity, making sure your company is complying with environmental legislation.

As the ProAktive team know, the monitoring and testing of equipment before going onto site is just as important as the overall site testing.  This is why we calibrate our equipment following HSE and Environmental Agency guidelines, and only use equipment we know best suits the job.  Having the correct testing equipment will ensure a more accurate result, meaning companies don’t need to worry about inaccurate data, and can be confident in the specialists conducting the task.

Making sure that businesses are aware of their direct and indirect emissions, and aiding them in trying to mitigate the amount produced is also something that we take pride in.  It is in our best interest to make sure that companies are working within environmental regulations, and are not breaching any legislation, that could potentially come with a costly consequence.

For example, during the monitoring for particulate emissions, monitoring and readings of velocities, sample flow rate and temperatures of the stacks and equipment are constantly noted down every 5 minutes and collected as important data.  We then use this data to adjust our equipment to get the best reading of overall emissions.  This helps us produce an accurate report to then return to the business, which the company can confidently use to show compliance with their environmental responsibilities.

Having been on site and seen, for the first time, ProAktive conduct their stack testing, I now appreciate the amount of detail and delicacy that goes into each test is obtained from their years of experience.  Making sure that companies have a positive experience, and receive precise test results, is at the heart of everything we do.

Emissions monitoring is a lot more complexed than I initially understood, and seeing it first hand from professionals at ProAktive has helped me realise the importance of hiring honest, knowledgeable and motivated specialists that are in favour of helping businesses mitigate their emissions and feel confident in their everyday work processes.

If your business has any concerns regarding emissions, please do not hesitate to contact the ProAktive Environmental Team here at ProAktive.

By Stella SmithTrainee Environmental Specialist


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