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Probate Property Insurance: problem solved!

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a very difficult and stressful time and knowing what to do when their home becomes unoccupied will be the last thing on their minds.  Many will often have no idea what the reinstatement cost of the building is and generally will have very little information about the property.

We can help you with peace of mind by asking a couple of simple questions; we can provide a specifically designed insurance policy to protect empty homes under the following circumstances:

  • The property is unoccupied due to the owner passing away
  • The property is unoccupied due to the owner moving into care
  • The property is unoccupied due to the owner moving in with family members

All we would need are the answers to these 4 simple questions, which will enable us to provide a quotation:

  • The property address
  • Approximate year of build
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Type of property (e.g. Semi-detached)

Below are some of the Key features of the policy:

  • Buildings cover – £1,000,000 as standard including accidental damage
  • Contents cover – £10,000 as standard FREE of charge when the buildings are insured including accidental damage (we can quote for a higher amount if required)
  • Cover can be provided on a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month basis with a pro rata refund for 9 & 12 month policies (no return of premium for 3 & 6 month policies)
  • The policy includes carefully selected covers that are relevant to unoccupied properties, with a host of commonly claimed for risks included as standard
  • No excess to pay in the event of a claim
  • No inspection requirement for the property
  • Upon completion of probate, cover may continue up to the natural renewal date of the policy subject to no change in circumstances at the property





If you would like to discuss this type of protection with ProAktive, please call me on 01302 346 830 when you’re ready.

By Emma Wake Cert CIISME Account Handler


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