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Not Everything That Sparkles Is A Diamond!

It may look like a diamond, it carries more sparkle than a diamond, it carries almost all the qualities of a diamond but is not a diamond….so what is it?

A Moissanite.  It is NOT a diamond yet is regularly mistaken for one because they are practically  indistinguishable to the naked eye.  In fact Moissanites so closely resemble diamonds that they must be examined in fine detail to determine the differences.  It is so similar that 20/20 recently did an investigation where they took a Moissanite ring to 10 different jewellers and half of them declared it was a real diamond!

Therefore it is hard to believe that the majority of these stones are created in a laboratory.   Originally Moissanite gemstones were discovered in Arizona in 1893 but the stone is so scarce that although people searched far and wide to find more it was extremely rare.  Realising its potential, scientists in the 1990s determined a way to produce a Moissanite in a laboratory creating a flawless synthetic diamond.

Unfortunately a Moissanite ring is only worth a fraction of the price of a diamond ring (approximately 10%) so here are a few tips to ensure you are not caught out!

  • Probably the most important thing is to trust the person you’re buying it from – A reputable NAG registered jeweller or a longstanding family jeweller.
  • For any stone over ½ carat always ask for a diamond report/certificate.
  • The majority of Moisanittes are set in lighter settings (9ct thin setting) whereas diamonds are usually in heavier more substantial settings.

By Clare Carby

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