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Make like a computer and get with the programme.

In today’s world where we are so reliant on our IT, can your business manage without its computers or smart phones?

Traditionally computers and electronic equipment have been covered under your standard combined policy, however insurance markets have changed and you can usually get wider cover at a more competitive price if you place the cover on a separate computer policy.

Office Table top with gadgets

You can include smart phones, tablets, digital projectors and other ancillary computer equipment under a computer policy, whereas under a traditional policy the definition of insured equipment can be more restrictive.

The computer policy can provide you with additional protection by providing reinstatement of data, increased cost of working and virus and hacking cover should you not be able to trade as a result of a loss. Often this cover is not as wide under a  traditional combined policy if provided at all.

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By Laura Scott Dip CII

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