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“Lament For A Villa” by Simon Wright

Here is a story,

Tragic in folly,

Of a man and his prized villa.


A lamentable tale,

Of sleet, rain and hale,

And one in which to remember.


Shangri-La was the villa’s name,

Insured and cared for in Spain,

Built by the beach,

An enviable retreat,

Until a tempest left it maimed.


Shangri-La lay a flood,

The pool full with mud,

So sudden the man felt dread.


But suddenly as quick,

A bulb had been lit,

An idea formed in his head.


“This will be easy to manage.”

“My insurance will cover the damage!”

But covered it was not,

And to top it off,

The schedule was written in Spanish!


Resigned to the fact,

He could not bring it back,

Only now could he ponder.


If reversing this fate,

He’d have been sure to rebate,

A broker to save him the bother!


By Simon Wright, ProAktive Private Client Account Handler.

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