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Jamie Vardy’s having a party!

England’s ultimate insurance policy.

So! The Euros have started and typically England do their best to shred our nerves. Irrespective of planning, preparation and tactics the unexpected does happen. A reasonable free kick by Galactico Gareth Bale and, bizarrely, Joe Hart leaves half the net uncovered and then makes a pretty feeble attempt to save the ball – too much shampoo on his gloves!

Should we blame Roy Hodgson? In truth he had what most would argue is an excellent risk management strategy in that he had the Premier league’s top goalkeeper in situ but sometimes the best laid plans fail and that’s when you need to rely on your insurance policy. iStock_insurance

In Roy Hodgson’s case he had Jamie Vardy and Daniel Sturridge on the bench to bring on to rescue the situation.

But why use Vardy? Why not have someone else who hasn’t performed and is playing at a lower level. Of course the answer is obvious but a real insurance policy does have some similar characteristics to Vardy. In the event of a claim will your insurer perform? Do they have the speed of reaction? Do they deliver when you need them the most?

Not all insurers are created equal, nor are all insurance programmes, so it is vital your business considers the quality of the advice you receive and the quality of the insurers standing in your defensive wall!

Andy Morley headshotOf course it’s better to prevent claims happening in the first place so perhaps Roy Hodgson should reconsider his risk management strategy! Should he drop Hart? Discuss.

Come on England!!

By Andy Morley, Group Managing Director.


  • Peter says:


    I presume for truly bad management decisions (i.e. last night) then a Directors and Officers policy would be essential for Roy……

  • Martin Singleton says:

    I think Roy needs a Full Crime & Cyber Policy as his team selection is pure criminal & in the ether !

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