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Is your vehicle security up to scratch?

Nowadays people are spending more and more money on luxury cars.

It is not unusual or difficult for people to spend in excess of £40,000 on their new purchase.

Whilst you’re choosing your next vehicle, we would like to make you aware that insurers are increasingly asking for additional security such as trackers on vehicles that are valued at more than £40,000.AC Schnitzer ACS M4 (2015)

We strongly recommend that you discuss this with us when you are ordering your vehicle.  Please do not take the word of the garage selling the vehicle to you – they are not your insurers!

There is nothing worse than on the day of collecting your new vehicle, you give us a call to add it to your policy to then be told that you will need a tracker. We understand that this can ruin the excitement a little so please be ProAktive and protect your pride and joy!

By Helen Parsons – Commercial Broking Manager.

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