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Is your business Brexit ready?

Currently the UK is bracing itself for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit on 29th March 2019, and we realise this may affect every business in the country in very different ways & to many varying degrees.

In fact it could have already affected you, as many businesses have experienced changes to the labour market and the fluctuating rate of the pound for many months. This in turn could have had a knock- on effect as the cost and availability of your supplies and goods may have changed. 

The uncertainty surrounding border controls are in the press constantly and again this may have an impact on your supply chain directly or indirectly.

With this in mind ProAktive is talking to businesses to ensure their insurance programmes are ‘Brexit ready’, specifically discussing your business interruption cover to ensure your indemnity period is sufficient to enable your business to run as effectively as possible following a loss. If your key supplier is outside the UK post 29th March 2019 how long will it take your business to be up and running to the same level as it was prior to your loss?

With all this uncertainty it would be easy to be concerned over the path we will be going down over the next few months.  But be assured that the UK insurance market will remain, post Brexit,  a world leading, global centre of expertise that provides vital cover and investment and that ProAktive is here to assist you in your own Brexit plans.

If you’d like to speak to ProAktive about your insurances please call our office on 01302 341344 or 0114 243 9914.  

By Laura Scott FCIIChartered Insurance Broker & Commercial Account Handler

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