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Important update for businesses involved in marine shipments.

Despite Hanjin shipping being the world’s seventh largest container line they went into receivership on 31st August 2016.

Some Hanjin vessels have been arrested by creditors, whilst some port authorities are refusing Hanjin vessels entry into dock.

Therefore If you use Hanjin you should look to arrange for your containers to be carried by another provider.Container operation in port, Durban South Africa

If your container is currently on a Hanjin vessel, it’s likely that your container may be discharged short of your final destination. This may mean additional administration costs to you and although you may have already paid the freight on your goods, you may be required to do so again to ensure the container reaches your final destination.

Some policies provide cover for additional freight costs should carriage be short of its final destination, therefore please contact ProAktive on 01302 341344 should you have any concerns or queries in regards to your goods or cargo insurance.

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