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Identity fraud: passport theft

Many years ago a British man named Brian was holidaying in Germany. He was having a fantastic time until he reached into his bag to find his passport had vanished. 

While the situation was distressing at the time, Brian eventually sorted things out. He moved on and forgot all about the illusive passport.

Ten years later, there came a ‘THUD’ at the door. Brian ran to the door and saw it was a letter from an address he didn’t recognise. After opening the letter, he instantly wished he hadn’t because inside it was the beginning of a waking nightmare that would affect both him and his family for a long time.

The letter was from the German government saying he owed them £130,000 in unpaid tax and suddenly the ghost of the stolen passport from years ago was upon him.

Someone had used that stolen passport to steal Brian’s identity and commit fraud in his name, racking up enormous debts that he was now liable for.

Having his identity stolen ruined Brian’s life for years, dragging him and his family through financial hardship as well as the courts as they fought for justice.

This highlights the importance of ensuring your household insurance provides cover for Identity Fraud.

By Clare Carby

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