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How do you protect your drivers?

The road to crime is increasing with cargo thefts almost doubling last year. 2017 saw cargo thefts of 1,500, which increased to over 2,700 in 2018 (reported by The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service – NAVCIS).

With an increase of cargo theft, there is concern over the welfare of our drivers and the risk of assault against them.

How do you protect your drivers?

Here are some tips on safeguarding your people:

  • Plan your route – specialists advise that by changing your route as much as possible you may be able to avoid recognisable patterns that can be monitored by thieves
  • Remove Keys – sounds a bit obvious but you would be surprised how many people leave their keys in their trucks when fuelling up or popping to a café in a layby
  • Lock cab doors while drivingthieves may try to gain access to the cab when you stop for traffic lights or at junctions
  • Drivers matewhere you may be delivering expensive items, opportunists are less likely to attempt a theft when drivers come in pairs
  • Approved overnight parkingavoid isolated and unlit parking bays. Where possible look to park in an approved HGC parking facility
  • Camera systems – can help to deter thieves and it allows the drivers to keep an eye on what is going on outside the cab
  • Avoid regular stops – drivers that regularly stop at local shops for newspapers and snacks are more likely to be targeted by opportunists. If you need to stop, try to do so at service stations and when returning to your cab, check for signs of tampering – doors, seals, straps and curtains
  • Stay Safe – in the unfortunate event that you are subject to a theft or criminal activity, remain in your cab with doors locked until help arrives. Switch on the headlights and sound your horn repeatedly – thieves don’t want the attention so this may be enough to scare them away

Fact – Every HGV driver spends around 32 hours a year stuck in traffic – lock your cab doors!

For a health and safety review of your current driver safety precautions, please get in touch.

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