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Have you got your Green Card?!

With 29th March looming and the ever-increasing possibility of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, it is understandable that people are starting to get concerned about the effects of working and travelling abroad.

When it comes to driving your vehicle abroad, currently all you require is your motor certificate which shows you have insurance cover in the EU. If, however, a ‘no deal’ Brexit is confirmed, from the 29th March you will need to have a Green Card to drive your vehicle in the EU (plus Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland), no matter if you are travelling for business or for leisure purposes. A Green Card is proof that you have the minimum insurance level required by the EU. 

If you were to hire a vehicle abroad, if the hire company is covering you under their insurance a Green Card should not be required however if you were to hire a vehicle in the UK and take this to the EU, you would still need to have a Green Card.

There is an agreement to waive the need for a Green Card in the result of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit however this has not yet been passed by the European Commission so until then, this will be a necessity otherwise you may be breaking the law.

Your insurers will not automatically be issuing Green Cards but they are available on request, free of charge. Please make sure you request this in plenty of time (at least one month prior to travelling) and if you are going to be abroad over 29th March, you will need to take one with you just in case!

By Rachel Storey Dip CIIAccount Executive

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