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Green Cards – The What, Why, When, Who and How Guide

What is a Green Card and why do I need one?

A motor insurance Green Card is a legal document produced by motor insurers to prove that a driver has adequate insurance cover for driving in the EU or specified EEA country.

The Green Card is required in addition to your certificate of motor insurance and confirms that your insurance complies with local insurance requirements. Pleasingly, the Green Card is usually available without any additional charge.

Even if your current motor certificate states European cover on the back page, Government guidance is that you do still should take a Green Card with you on European trips.


When is one needed?

The Brexit transition period ends on 30th December 2020, Green Cards are required with effect from 1st January 2021 when driving in EU/EEA.

Who needs a Green Card?

Anyone driving abroad under a UK insurance policy must carry a physical Green Card.


Also, if towing a trailer or caravan a separate Green Card is required for any towed vehicle.


How do I get a Green Card?

Ask us! Ideally 15-30 days prior to travel date and providing the following information;

  • dates of travel
  • name/s of the driver/s
  • name/s of the countries visited
  • vehicle registration number, make and model
  • trailer or caravan make and model

We will then request the Green Card from your insurer, once received this will be sent to you. Historically this had to be printed on green paper however this is no longer the case but it does still need to be printed and taken with you along with a copy of your motor certificate. You must have physical copies of both documents with you when travelling.

If you should have any queries, please contact us on 01302 341 344 or 0114 243 9914.

By Sandy Lockwood Cert CII Commercial Account Handler 


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