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Do you ever think… I’ll sort it tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes!?

Sound familiar? As with the majority of high net worth individuals there are never enough hours in the day and insurance is often way down the list of important things to do and so the same old policy gets renewed year on year without reviewing the cover.

Do you struggle with lots of renewal dates for your insurances – home, jewellery, motor, travel, overseas properties, yachts?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have one insurer with one renewal date for all your insurance policies.

Here’s where we can help; within our Private Client division at ProAktive we specialise in looking after your insurance needs and taking the hassle away from you. We can offer you complete peace of mind that your assets are covered on the correct basis and with a first class insurer.

We will come out to your home enabling us to fully understand the risk involved thus allowing us to negotiate better terms with insurers. With our knowledge and experience and discretion, we will advise you on your sums insured, talk you through your security and look at ways to help you to reduce premiums without compromising cover or service. We will also look at helping to fund up to date jewellery and fine art valuations and most importantly it allows you to meet the person you are trusting to look after all your assets.

Clare CarbyHeadShotWe can recommend reputable alarm companies, valuers, safe suppliers, personal protection companies, jewellers and auction houses.

To make an appointment please call Clare Carby on tel:  07966240530.

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