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Ferris Bueller vs Insurance

You may or may not have seen the film ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ (it’s an 80’s classic by the way!), but the character Cameron  ‘borrows’  his dads pride and joy a  1961 Ferrari GT California with Ferris and Slone and drives it around Chicago. Thus ensuing high jinks, lots of 80’s music and bad hair a plenty.

What has a John Hughes film got to do with my insurance I hear you ask?

Well, while many insurers in the past were quite lenient with the addition of Directors sons/daughters cars being included on the company motor fleet policy for pleasure purposes, the market is now changing.

Nowadays, insurers are becoming more and more restrictive with regard to young drivers on motor fleet policies.

Most want to restrict the driving on the policy to anyone over the age of 21 for business and pleasure purposes and although they are prepared   to include young drivers if referred, they are now making a charge for these drivers and the price can be more than you anticipate.

The main thing to remember is that if you do have a youngster who wants to drive on the policy, there will be a charge.  Do not assume that they are OK to drive, until you have referred to ourselves and we will in turn refer this to your insurer.

By Laura Carter


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