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Excuses, excuses!

A study of 1,000 workers and a 1,000 bosses commissioned by the mutual health care provider Benenden Health found some terrible excuses for not attending work.

The study found that 60% of employers are sceptical of employees’ excuses for missing work due to illness and over 30% take to the internet to check social media accounts for evidence of untruths. From the sample of those interviewed, some workers admitted that over a fifth of the days they took off could have been spent in work. What’s more, the study shows that the average person has skipped work on four occasions, despite not being ill at all.

Whilst absenteeism isn’t a laughing matter, we couldn’t help but smile at some of the excuses that the study unearthed:

A can of baked beans landed on my big toe

I was swimming too fast and smacked my head on the poolside

My dog has had a big fight and I don’t want to leave him

I injured my self during sex

My toe is trapped in the bath tap

I’m in A&E as I got a clothes peg stuck on my tongue

I’m using a new contact lens solution and my eyes are watering

I’ve got a sore finger

What’s the best excuse or most unbelievable excuse you’ve heard?


picture source: stock.xchng

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