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Driving home for Christmas

Christmas delivery rush, extra loads and winter storms can make for a very challenging and difficult winter for any business operating a fleet of vehicles.

Did you know….

Over 5 years there have been nearly 60 employees killed and 5,000 employees seriously injured in haulage and distribution. 23,000 employees suffered an injury that meant they had to take at least 3 days off work.

Typical Causes…

  • Struck by moving vehicles
  • Falling loads
  • Falls from vehicles
  • Overturning vehicles

With shorter deadlines and higher demand on the run up to Christmas, it is crucial that as a business you are still able to protect your staff and the public as well as fulfilling the job at hand. Here are a few tips to help keep you and your valued staff safe this Christmas:

  • Inspect your vehicle before travel – and record it!
  • Keep your distance – Winter weather needs extra space between vehicles
  • Plan your route – know an alternative route
  • Give yourself enough time – are the deliveries practical with the given time?
  • Severe weather – pull over!
  • Be prepared – bring food supplies, warm clothes and blankets just in case
  • Check twice – if visibility is poor, check, then check again
  • Use your lights & signals – make yourself known to other road users & pedestrians
  • Slow down – rushing is one of the main causes of road accidents. Take your time!
  • Don’t get distracted – radio, phones, and keep food and refreshments for when you are safely stationary

Whilst they may seem the obvious, it is easy to forget in the midst of busy periods. Let’s make sure everyone is home for Christmas!


By Leah KendallAccount Executive



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