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Drivers Beware!

Every year there are many deaths and serious injuries on our roads as a result of dangerous and careless driving. Last year there were 1,730 deaths on the roads, equating to 5 deaths per day.  A  further 60 people are seriously injured every day. Hand shifting the gear stick

Many incidents can be avoided. Whether you drive for pleasure or business, we all have a duty of care to other road users and should ensure that we:

  • Avoid gross distractions such as reading or sending a text.
  • Do not use mobile phones. Even hands-free is a distraction.
  • Watch our speed. Ensure that we drive below the speed limit or at a speed appropriate for the conditions.
  • Don’t drive whilst knowingly deprived of adequate sleep or rest.
  • Have consideration for other persons using the road, taking extra care to look out for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Are not a slave to the SatNav – we should plan our route ahead of our trip so that we have a good idea where we’re going before setting off.
  • Don’t drink and drive! Think about your alcohol level the morning after the night before.

The law comes down hard on offenders, with custodial sentences of up to 14 years and a minimum 2 year driving ban for more serious offences, but there are also many other consequences to consider;

  • Time off work due to injury and rehabilitation. This could mean loss of pay or if you’re an employer it could mean you having to do without one of your key members of staff.
  • Insurance premiums/terms being affected by claims.
  • Loss of driving licence may be more than just an inconvenience, it could mean the end to your livelihood if your role depends on you driving.
  • Psychological impact. Not all injuries are physical; the accident investigation process alone can be a lengthy and stressful procedure.
  • Risk of ruining your reputation.
  • Loss of use of your vehicle.
  • Employment, health and safety considerations.
  • Potential civil claim.

All of the above are important throughout the year, but with the addition of hazardous weather conditions forthcoming throughout the Autumn and Winter seasons, consider potential driving hazards before setting off and ensure that you drive appropriately according to the conditions. Be safe!

By Sandy Lockwood – Account Handler




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