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Does your motor insurance provide cover when using a ‘meet and greet’ service?

We are getting to that time of the year when we start to think of booking our next overseas holiday and sorting airport parking.

Meet and Greet parking, also known as valet parking, can save you time and stress.

You hand over your keys, a steward parks your car in a designated safe place, but does your motor policy include cover for this and have you checked the company is insured?

You may find your motor insurance does not cover valet parking.

First thing’s first- check your policy. The terms and conditions should clearly state whether you are covered for valet parking. Your policy should also list any exclusions. If your insurance does not cover valet parking and your car is damaged or stolen whilst you are using the service, you will not be able to claim.

Even if your motor insurance does cover valet parking, make sure you check the small print. For example, some valet parking companies might leave your keys inside the vehicle. Doing this may invalidate your claim if the vehicle is stolen.


Parking Safely

  • Check your motor insurance policy to see if you are covered for using valet parking services
  • Check if the valet parking service have their own valet parking insurance. You also may want to check the terms and conditions to see if there are any exclusions.
  • Do not leave valuables or personal belongings in the vehicle.
  • Check your vehicle when you collect it and report any damage immediately.

If you would like to talk to us about your insurance policy, get in touch on 0114 243 9914.

By Shell RedfernAccount Executive

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