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Directors and Business Owners – essential elements for a safe workplace

As a director or business owner you are responsible for providing leadership and guiding your company in the right direction.

Leadership begins at the top and it is essential that as a director you pass on a positive message about health and safety. This will set the direction for your company and help to raise employee awareness of the importance of maintaining good standards of health and safety.

  1. Strong leadership – Your attitude to health and safety will be seen as a signpost to how you expect the company to be run. As the leader you need to send a clear message to all employees that health and safety matters.


  1. Health and Safety is good business – Health and safety should be given the same priory in your business as any other business function. If production is seen as the most important aspect of your business, then employees may be tempted to cut corners. Do it right and always do it safely should be the key message.


  1. Empowering the workforce to create a positive safety culture – Involving employees of all levels in managing health and safety in the workplace goes a long way to creating a positive health and safety culture.


  1. Walking the walk and talking the talk – Directors and business owners need to lead by example and follow the same rules as you expect other employees to do. Employees will soon notice if you don’t and follow your example.


  1. Having oversight and understanding of the key issues within the business – Ensure you know your business and all aspects of it. You don’t need to do everything yourself. Delegate tasks to others but remember you are always responsible for what happens in your organisation.


  1. Ensuring that there is good communication – The flow of information in your business needs to flow up and down, so all employees know what is happening and what is expected of them.


  1. Ensuring that safety is planned in to projects rather than being an afterthought – Planning in health and safety from the start is key to ensuring good performance. Don’t leave things to chance as accidents and incidents can be very expensive and set you back days.


  1. Ensuring that a competent person is appointed and that access to competent health and safety advice is available – Competent health and safety advice is not only a good idea, but also a legal requirement.


  1. Ensuring that risk assessments and safe systems of work are undertaken by competent persons and implemented within the business – Risk assessments are a legal requirement and an excellent tool for improving health and safety performance in your organisation.


  1. Ensuring that the business complies with its legal obligations – As the minimum you should comply with all of your business’ legal responsibilities. Breaking the law may result in unnecessary injury and damage to property. With unlimited fines, It can also very expensive!


Maintaining good standards of health, safety and welfare makes good business sense. It can save money and increase productivity. If you need any advice or have any questions, get in touch with me on 01302 341 344 and I’ll be happy to discuss with you.

Ken Stevens CMIOSHRisk Services

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