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Changes to ProAktive Financial Services

At ProAktive, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality bespoke advice across both the general insurance & risk management operations and the financial services division.

As clients’ needs become more sophisticated it is clear that a high degree of detailed knowledge is expected from their advisers. This means that our business must also evolve in a way which is focused on enhancing the customer experience.  We must constantly keep up with changes in technology, communications, technical support and many other facets which need to be developed in line with the specialisms within our business rather than trying to find solutions that support two distinct services.

For these reasons, we have decided to create two distinct brands which will make it easier for our clients to access our services and benefit from technological and operational improvements.

The general insurance and risk management business will retain the ProAktive name and all the existing contact information will remain unchanged and we are delighted to announce that with effect from 03 April 2017 the financial services business will be rebranded as Ethos Financial Solutions.

Official Ethos logo and nameThis is a tremendously exciting time for the financial services business and we are looking forward to sharing our new brand identity with you in the coming weeks, although, for the time being there are no changes to our contact details.

Both businesses have a joint heritage and are of course linked by mutual clients and will continue the close working relationship that we have both enjoyed for over 40 years.

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