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“Let your advance worrying become your advance planning”

For many employers it is tempting to let business continuity planning take a back seat to more pressing day-to-day concerns. But this strategy focuses too much on the present and does not take your business’ future into account. Unexpected issues can arise at any time, which is precisely why all businesses need an extensive business continuity plan. 

A business continuity plan is your organisation’s fall-back in case it cannot operate due to an unseen emergency. Emergencies can include fire, theft, vandalism, bad weather or loss of personnel and suppliers—basically anything that can incapacitate your business. This list is not exhaustive. You need to prepare your business for the worst, in whatever form it takes.

Business continuity plans touch on two main topics:

  • Crisis management prioritises employee health and safety and involves creating building evacuation procedures, listing useful contacts and establishing off-site meeting places.
  • Recovery roadmaps list the core elements of your business and questions what you would do without them.

To discuss in further details the issue of managing risks at your workplace, call ProAktive today.

By Andy Morley.


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