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Summer is here and we’re waiting for the European heatwave to hit us hard this weekend. Many of us will be going on holiday over the next few months and for some, that could mean a ‘staycation’ – taking advantage of the beauty spots we have on offer in the UK rather than going abroad. We talk about managing risk; let’s help you by trying to reduce not only risk but stress at a time when you should be enjoying yourself. Driving during the Summer months brings different challenges than in the Winter months. Are you and your vehicle prepared before you head off on your long journey?



In warmer weather you are more likely to feel tired. Make use of those snazzy water bottles you’ve got in the kitchen cupboard and stay hydrated. The worst thing would be to get stuck in traffic and not have a drink to hand. Water will also help you to stay alert.

Also, take advantage of the service stations on the motorway; stop and take a short nap, remembering to check parking restrictions and never snooze on the hard shoulder of the motorway!



The glare from the sun causes lots of accidents. Ensure that your windscreen is clean and free of dead bugs that can smear your vision. Don’t forget to top up your washer bottle before you set off.

Keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle to help shield the sun from your eyes.



Hot weather increases the risk of punctures and sudden showers can leave the roads slippery. Check your tyres regularly for condition and pressures.



Check the vehicle coolant and cooling system to avoid overheating.



Lots of us suffer from hay fever causing itchy eyes and noses.  Remember to use non-drowsy medication.

A regularly vacuum of your vehicle will help to keep it dust free. If you’ve got air-con, keep the windows and air vents closed to reduce pollen in the vehicle.



Be aware that tractors only must have brake or indicator lights if driving at night, so they may stop or turn suddenly without warning. Give them plenty of room and ensue that you have enough space to overtake safely – they may be longer than you think!

There will be more caravans on the road at this time of year so take extra care by allowing enough space and being patient. They’re off on their jollies too!

By Shell RedfernAccount Executive






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