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Amber assets

Recent years have bore witness to an attitude shift in the mind of the single malt connoisseur. While revered by most for its tangible effects – the amber elixir is increasingly being recognised for the golden opportunity it is not in terms of taste, but in its capacity as an investment. 

As an alternative investment, single malt whiskeys have made rapid progress in recent years towards being seen as a buoyant and valuable pursuit. Figures show that recent years have witnessed a 60% annual increase in rare whiskeys being sold at auction. While in 2012 alone, the top performing thousand bottles of single malt increased in worth by over 20%.

Experts see no reason to doubt the continued upward trajectory of such investments as consumer demand increases for rare bottles. Indeed, distilleries seem to have realised this themselves – with the most revered beginning to release exclusive, high premium bottles tailored to the high net worth individual seeking a long term investment.

Investment is the key word. Befitting of its rugged nature, single malts are the tougher cousins of the fine wine market in that they don’t have to be drunk within a certain time frame nor kept at a regulated temperature and are near-impervious to spoiling. These steadfast traits are what make single malts appealing as a long term, reliable investment. Indeed, stored upright and away from the sun there is no reason that a bottle can’t last for decades.

If ever there was a good time to start a collection now would be it. That said, any enthusiast wishing to start their own must remember to treat it like any other investment in they should take care to know the market inside out and have the patience to wait in order to gain a sizeable return.

The Whiskey Highland Index is a good starting point for any aficionado seeking information on valuations, the current market and investment tips. For any thing else, and advice on insuring your prized collections, feel free to give us a call at ProAktive.

By Clare Carby


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