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6 tips for surviving the office Christmas party

Will your 2017 Christmas party earn you brownie points with your staff, bring your team together and serve as a great foundation for 2018? Or does the thought of it fill you with dread, worrying that it will fail to have the desired effect and do more harm than good?

90% of employers’ report having had issues arising from a Christmas party, from drunken behaviour, allegations of harassment and arguments – often now played out on social media. Not a recipe for sharing the festive spirit!

When planning your party a few simple tips and a bit of thought can help it go with a swing.

  • First step, ask your staff what kind of a night they would enjoy – you may be wasting your time and money if you don’t get their input!
  • Remind everyone about what behaviour is acceptable and importantly what is not.
  • Don’t forget anyone when sending out the invites – it’s important to be inclusive.
  • If you employ under 18s watch out for underage drinking and don’t let a ‘free bar’ spoil the night. Consider restrictions on the number of free drinks available or what drinks are free – e.g. beer & wine.
  • Remember Christmas can be a difficult time for some people (estranged from children maybe?) and religious sensibilities means not everyone will want to join in.
  • Should anything untoward happen on the night don’t overreact! Take action in the cold light of the following day and after proper investigation.

Enjoy yourselves and have a great party season! If you are looking for a bit more help with managing this (or if something slightly crazy does happen and you would appreciate some advice) you can get in touch with us on 01302 341 344 – ask for myself, Jodi or Louise.

By Angela Stancer ACII– HR Manager 

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