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12 Days of Insurance

With the holiday season well and truly in swing, make sure your business is prepared with a helping hand from ProAktive!

12 Lights are flickering
It is compulsory that every business must carry out an Electrical Inspection (IEE) for commercial premises at least every 5 years. The inspection is an associated test to check whether the electrical installation is in a satisfactory condition for continued service.

11 Employees shaking
As the temperature drops, if you are considering use of any portable heaters you must ensure that your property damage policy permits these within the premise.

10 Cars colliding
During the festive period roads are more congested, car parks are busier and the roads may be icy. Ensure that all your company’s motor vehicles are insured adequately. Statistically, driving in icy weather conditions increases breaking distance by 10%.

9 Pipes are leaking
Does your office have ‘down time’ over the Christmas period? Prevent your pipes from freezing or bursting while your property is closed. Either set your thermostat system to a minimum of 12 degrees for the full 24 hours or turn off all water supplies from the mains and drain all standing water.

8 People falling

Whether working on site and finishing the new roof, putting the star on the very top of your office Christmas tree or adding some fancy icicles to the frames of your house, make sure the ladder is secure and on a flat surface to prevent any slips or falls.

7 Planes are landing
Heading away for some Christmas sun or coming home to spread the cheer? Business or personal travel insurance should be at the top of your Christmas list!

6 Windscreens cracking
Cold weather can cause cracks in your windscreen or the smaller chips you currently have may worsen during this period. Remain observant and get any small cracks repaired immediately. For any motor claims do make sure you are equipped for the freezing temperatures. Don’t forget your blanket, shovel and breakdown kit.

5 Stolen things
Be extra vigilant at this time of year. Make sure all tools and equipment are removed from the back of your vans. All personal belongings and jewellery should be kept in safes, if specified to, or when away from the home or overnight.

4 Freezers breaking
Christmas time may be your highest peak with stock levels. Would your company survive the Christmas rush if you lost all the fridge and freezer contents? If not, add deterioration of stock to your policy now.

3 Trees collapsing
With the weather being unpredictable during the winter periods, between the heavy snow to the blustery winds, trees can become unstable at the roots. Often the tree is not covered on your insurance, but the damage it has causes will be picked up under your insurance. Check your policy today.

2 Fires burning
While we all love to decorate the office full of Christmas lights and sparkle, carefully read all manufacturer’s manuals as incorrect use can cause a fire to break out. Make sure all plugs are out and turned off at the socket out of business hours.

And a massive office party!!!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at ProAktive!


By Beth Johnson Cert CII Trainee Commercial Account Handler


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