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10 years of inspirational lighting design

Brilliant Lighting has been delivering inspirational lighting design for 10 years. We’ve worked on an incredible variety of projects; stately homes, wonderful barns and striking new builds and we’ve worked for several ProAktive clients. Founded by City consultants, Melanie and Iain Shaw in 2004, Brilliant has grown from a spare bedroom start-up into a nationally recognised lighting design practice.

Bathroom shot through uplit doorA lot has changed in the last ten years. We’ve seen an economic boom stoked by property prices turn into a major financial meltdown. We’ve also seen a relentless increase in commodity prices which has driven electricity prices ever upwards in a trend that looks unlikely to stop. The combined effect has caused a shift in people’s priorities when considering house builds or renovations. People still love great lighting. It can have more impact on the look and feel of a building than almost any other single factor. What’s changed is that people seem less inclined to the flashy or gimmicky and more interested in value and efficiency.

Designing energy-efficient lighting schemes can be challenging. Even the words “energy-efficient” lights conjure up horrible visions of nasty coloured compact fluorescent lamps which seem to suck the soul out of a space. Yet it’s possible to design beautiful lighting schemes with LED and even fluorescent lights.

Good Quality LED lighting (and there is a lot out there that doesn’t fall into that category) can provide beautiful light with a range of colour temperatures. Developing a scheme in layers of light means it’s possible to provide great task, ambient and accent lighting and get the efficiency benefits of these new sources.

Our four step approach remains the same.

  • Understand the usage, look and feel of the space
  • Decide what you are going to highlight and what you are going to downplay
  • Identify and resolve any obstacles there might be in the fabric of the build
  • Develop the most efficient route to achieve the look you are trying to achieve

And if that sounds a little pedestrian, there’s a fifth step. Don’t forget the magic. Good lighting is essential for our day-to-day living but inspirational lighting can transform a space. If you’d like to discuss lighting and how we might be able to help then visit our website or give us a call.

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